Friday, February 10, 2012

Maul Mania is Running Wild! Darth Maul Returns!

Episode I in 3D opened today and really it's all about the Maul. The popular Sith Lord cut down
in his prime has featured prominently in the re-release posters and promos, and he managed to
sneak his way onto the back cover of the Darth Plagueis Novel too, before he makes his full (?) return later this spring on the Clone Wars TV series.So expect the Maul Mania to continue - it is the biggest Star Wars come back since Boba Fett! Who knows where Darth Maul might show up next.

From inside the latest Clone Wars magazine
Plagueis Novel Book Jacket
From the latest UK Star Wars Galaxy Magazine

So enjoy some cool fan art dedicated to the Tattooed  Zabrak Sith Lord and see some previous art here.

Matt Busch
By Steam Crow - print available here
Dan Hipp
Travis English
Robert Shane
Emo Sith Lord Cosplay

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