Monday, April 30, 2012

Tron: Uprising - New Trailer - Love This Animation Style

Wow - the backgrounds feel both epic and oppressive and the characters designs are very reminiscent of  Peter Chung's style (Aeon Flux, Phantom 2040) so this is pushing several of my Retro fave buttons.

Merida - "Brave" Fan Art by Faith Erin Hicks

From FEH's This Nonsense Blog via Robot6

New "Prometheus" Behind The Scenes - Creations Featurette

It may be time to stop looking at these if you're concerned about Spoilery.

Iron Monday - Iron Man DIY Paper Toys!

Just a few of the cool DIY Iron Man figures featured over @ Paper Toy.
Download the templates here and here.

It's Iron Monday! - Avengers Daily Iron Man Art Gallery

John Tyler Christopher
Jake Ekiss
Justin Currie
Gerald Parel
Mike Del Mundo
Tom Whelan
animated concept art
anime concept art
Unknown Fine Art Mash-Up
Adi Granov

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Some Steampunk & Mythic Avengers Fan Art

Brian Kesinger
Francesco Francavilla

Avengers & Animated Captain America Fan Art by Kris Anka

 Avengers Movie inspired fan art, costume re-design ideas, and really cool animated-style concept art
for a Cap Cartoon by Kris Anka. Via Anka's Sockdrawer Blog and Project: Rooftop

Superb Harry Potter/HP Lovecraft Mash-Up by Nik Holmes

Excellent HP/HP mash-up by Nik Holmes (ZombieDollar Creative) available 4/28 @Teefury.
Actually I'm kind of surprised this isn't a more common fan art theme.
More cool horror themed art & tees available at the ZombieDollar Creative's RedBubble Store.
Including this excellent Word of Warcraft/Cthulhu parody! Via Shirtoid.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Raven - Behind the Scenes, Preview Clips, and Such

The Raven really got lost in the middle of all The Hunger Games/Avengers hype...maybe 
that was the plan? It looks to have neither the charm of Robert Downey's Sherlock Holmes nor the over-the-top badassery of the upcoming Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter. But, who knows it might still be enjoyable some Saturday afternoon when it hits the Syfy Channel .

John Cusack stars as Edgar Allan Poe who must aid the authorities in stopping a
series of deadly crimes based on his own stories.
Opens this Friday April 27th - here are some clips via Collider

Avengers Midnight Opening Imax 3D Exlusive Poster

What's kind of neat is that I was just thinking of posting  these cool black & white concept
art images - that have been sitting in my Avengers files for awhile - and voila they obviously
became this exclusive poster being given away at the Midnight Imax 3D screenings!

 I really prefer this art to the regular official poster - this is a nice blend of art and realism, has simple uncluttered composition, and evokes the awesome rotating team shot from all the trailers.