Sunday, June 22, 2014

Special Edition: New York Comic-Con - June 14th, 2014

Outstanding Birds of Prey Cosplay Group

Special Edition: New York Comic-Con
June 14th &15th 2014

Last weekend Reed Pop - the folks that bring us the glorious crush and madness that is New York Comic Con
every Fall dialed it back and offered up an old fashion Comic-Con in the form of Special Edition: NYC. We went on Saturday the 14th - and it was really fantastic! No Gamer stuff, no Anime stuff, no slick giant mega booths - just Comic Book Stuff - set-up in the Javits Center North Hall (where Artists Alley has been located the last 2 years of NYCC) with the floor split of 50/50 between Artist Alley tables and Comic Company/Comic Vendor booths.

Archie, Valiant, and Marvel all had small booths. Marvel's focus was on their latest group of Artist Young Guns -- which I thought was the great approach for this artist/talent centric con. And while plenty of DC artists and creators were on hand there was no DC booth - instead they opted for a small array of about 8 cardboard Comic Art standees
to celebrate The Batman's 75th. It was sort of low tech version of their equally booth-less Superman 75th Costume display at last fall's at NYCC. I've got to say it feels like they are just abandoning their NYC roots and East Coast fans as they move operations to the West Coast -- and it's disappointing to say the least.

My husband posing with a couple of DC's Batman75 Standees.

There was a good solid crowd in attendance - yet even lines for the most well known artists were reasonable and un-rushed. And for a comic art lover like me this was a killer show - for every print picked up there's an artist I regret not getting back to before time and budget ran out! All the fellow fans and vendors we spoke with really appreciated the Just Comics format. And I really hope they do a show like this again next year.

Just some of the many creative fans who attended in costume!

 Fabolous Retro Batman Gang!

 Scarlet Witch Cosplay by KO Cosplay.

 Team Future! Batman Beyond and Spider-Man 2099

 The Rocketeer Cosplay by Lordoderus

Mohawk Storm Now!

 Buck and Cap!
The Red Queen and Ultron
 Possible spoiler for Once Upon a Time Season 5?

Zatanna Cosplay by The Princess Peach

The small and classy show program plus a bit of Marvel and CBLDF swag!

Major Fangirl Moment - meeting Comic Art Hero Howard Chaykin
who of course told awesome stories about working on The Flash TV series, and more.

Iconic. Chaykin. Star Wars. Signed!

It was also a treat to meet and chat with another longtime fave - Kevin Maguire
Had to get his new take on the classic "One Punch" as well as his fab Scarlet Witch.

All the X-Men - Bill Walko, Nightcrawler mini print - Chrissie Zullo,
and Nightcrawler with BAMFS! - Ed McGuinness

 White Queen - Kris Anka, and Storm - Mahmud Asrar

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - Big Official Final Trailer

This is one of those trailers that teeters on the edge of showing too much.
 "Apes" fans certainly have an idea where this is all going - so it's more about the reveal of how we get there. 
So, I'd recommend not viewing this one if  you're even a bit SPOILER phobic. It does look amazing though!

Couple of bonus art images via OfficialApesMovies on FB