Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bat Man of Shanghai - DC Nation Elseworlds Short Toons

All the super cool Batman animated Kung Fu Elseworlds short cartoons featured so far 
as part of  Saturday morning DC Nation Block on Cartoon Network.

Black Widow by Stanley Chow

"We're In For A Show, Kid" - Animated Dark Knight Returns

First clip from The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 animated feature.
Available on DVD/Blu-Ray September 25th. via MTV Geek 

Han Solo - Steampunk Smugglerette - SWCVI Coplay Fave

While Jen's Lady Vadore Costume was my fave for it's incredibly ornate details, I equally love the more subtle details of  this Steampunk Gender Swap Han Solo. She didn't go all ruffle & bustle and stuck with the iconic pants - it's practical Smuggler wear with a Steam twist - which suits the character.


Steampunk Lady Solo with the Infamous Steampunk Boba Fett @ Star Wars Celebration VI
Photos by John DeVita via the huge albums @ The People Of Cosplay on Facebook

Wild Fashion Rumpus - Mulberry Fall 2012 Ad Campaign

Mulberry's ad campaigns are so wonderfully unique. This Fall's campaign is clearly inspired by Where the Wild Things Are. And last Fall's campaign also had a fantastical enchanted forest theme as well.

Replicant Retro - Emma Stone in Interview Mag's Sept Issue

Blade Runner inspired with a hint of Max Headroom.
More photos from the 80's New Wave Future Fashion Editorial & Interview here.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Jack Kirby! - Tribute Art Gallery

Paul Carter

Francesco Francavilla

Marc Basile

Jason Garrattley

Brendan Tobin

J.K. Woodward

Just some of the fantastic art tributes to The King today.
Several of these are from the Kirby-Vision section of the virtual Jack Kirby Museum - and today would
be the perfect day to make a small donation towards their dream of creating real brick & mortar Museum It's also good day to support The Hero Initiative - the Francavilla and
Woodward pieces are for their Kirby themed #WakeUpAndDraw event today.
More Wake Up and Draw art tributes are posted @Comic Art Fans
Kirby's Birthday also inspired today's Read Comics In Public Day - which is pretty easy to participate in!

The Batcave - Mondo Print by JC Richard

via Mondo

Brit Noir - Burberry Fall/Winter 2012 Add Campaign

Love the mystery of this cinematic inspired Fall 2012 Burberry ad campaign. 
Reminds me of early Hitchcock films like the The 39 Steps or Carol Reeed's The Third Man.