Sunday, August 28, 2011

Terrific Tintin Meets the Movies Mash-Up Art by Mr Hipp

Mr Hipp is just so cool.

Could Use More Dinosaurs - Terra Nova TV Series First Look Featurette

OK - I'm only half kidding about the dinosaurs...premise actually seems pretty interesting.

And there are some fun viral clips available on the Facebook Page 
as well as this Datpad Style Countdown Widget.

Emo Black Queen & White Queen - Alternate LOVE Covers Feature More Dark Fairytale Imagery

Fashion Magazine LOVE features Edgy Fairytale Theme images on multiple alternate Fall covers.
See the rest of the alternates - along with covers for most of the Big September 
Fall Fashion Magazine Editions @ Fashionologie

Dalek and TARDIS Dresses - Fashionable Dr. Who Cosplay

Via GAS.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Epic Art of the Day! Darth Vader Vs Wolverine by Tom Hodges

Wonder Woman by Nathan Fox for DC Fifty-Too!

Via DC Fifty-Too! A super cool comic art blog where artist have been invited to freely 
create cover art for their own Reboot ideas. Either for characters left out of the 
New 52 Relaunch Hype or to just imagine their own spin on the the big heroes.

Urban Outfitters: Designed by Pratt Institute - Student Fashion Design Contest video

Video showcases UO's challenge to Pratt's Fashion Students to create a hip dress design for them.

Holy Stained Glass Batman (and X-Men too)! Superhero Faux Stained Glass Window Art Prints

By Marissa Garner - available @ FayProductions Etsy
Prints mimic stained glass when displayed against a window.

Darth Vapour: Dark Lord of the Steam - Darth Vader Gets a Steampunk Makeover

Star Wars meets Steampunk mash-up from the Greatest Steampunk Exhibition.

Clark Kent, Black Helicopters and Battle Damage - More Superman Set Photos

Some of the cooler shots this week from the Plano Man of Steel set. 
See tons more at the this fantastic Facebook fan page.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Star Wars, Raiders and Jurassic Park Get Groovy Retro Mid-Century Modern Makeovers

High Five! - Latest Avengers Set Videos - Captain America and Loki - Spoilers

Jabba's Slave Princesss Leia with Gold Bikini &Tattoo Flourishes by Tim Shumate

Get Ready for New York Fall Fashion Week with 2 Trailers for "The Tents " Documentary

Documentary film by James Belzer reveals the behind the scenes story of  New York Fashion Week.

Build Your Own Conspiracy Theory Sets - Ad Graphics for Tamiya Japan

Cool and clever Advertising Graphics for Japanese Model Company Tamiya feature 
Classic Conspiracies rendered as detailed plastic model sprue sheets. 
My faves Roswell and Fake Moon Landing - more via Laughing Squid.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday H.P. Lovecraft! Party with Fiendish Fan Art and Crustaceous Crafts!

Thanks for or all the unspeakable unnameable tentacled horror you have wrought and continue to inspire!
Birthday image via The Lovecraftsman
Visit the Lovecraft Engine to generate random horrific HP-style descriptions.

Portrait of HP as a young man w/Cthulhu by Aeron Bondoc and Badass HP by GhoulishGary

Learn to tie the Tie that should not be.

Take care not to loose your sanity creating these papercraft horrors.

Hedkase Ika here and Little Cthulhu here

Elder Thing here

And Cthulhu Mask here

My Storm Will Always Be Awesome 80's Mohawk Storm