Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Super Retro STAR WARS Art Poster by Paul Shipper

So Awesomely Nostalgic! 

“Here’s Where the Fun Begins” STAR WARS Turns 37 Today!

STAR WARS premiered on May 25th in 1977 - thirty-seven years ago today - and next 
December we'll get to see what the future holds for beloved Galaxy Far, Far Away.

 Meanwhile here are just a few images of the vintage original- behind the scenes, promo photos, and comic art. 

I never tire of looking at these BTS shots - it reminds how I discovered my love of film-making, special effects, & costume design by constantly pouring through my old Making of Star Wars books, and reading mags like Starlog back in the day.

 Promo photos

 Unused Concept Poster Art

 Teaser Poster

 Marvel Star Wars Issue #1

(Marvel - The Empire Strikes Back)

 Teaser art poster, Marvel Comic covers, and comic pin-up all by Howard Chaykin