Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dracula: Company of Monsters - Free E-Comic Series

 Created by Kurt Busiek for Boom Studios. 
Just a few sample pages - read the continuing Web Comic updated daily here.
Writer: Daryl Gregory, Art: Scott Godlewski and Damien Coucheiro

New Wave Redux - Versace for H&M Collection Video

Instant Star Wars Masquerade Ball - Paper Masks PDFs


Download free Halloween paper mask PDFs @ the Official Star Wars Blog
Styles for every fan - Original Trilogy, Prequels (ROTS), and Clone Wars.

(Ugh! SW Blog keeps changing the link for these - updated October 2012)

Mr. Skellington - Nightmare Before Christmas Art by Tom Hodges

Tom Hodges oddly realistic and creepy Jack & Zero

Friday, October 28, 2011

Kawaii J-Pop + Heavy Metal = BABYMETAL

Steampunk Enhanced Bieber

Instagrams reveal costume for a new music video via MTV Style.
Steam Robot Arm by SkinzNhydez

Creepy Cool Dermablend Make-Up Reveal - Zombie Boy

Dermablend's brilliant way to demo their Pro Cover product - with bonus making of video.

Spookshow Pin-Ups by Ant Lucia Spice Up Halloween

Ant Lucia is responsible for the awesome Princess Leia Pin-up Propaganda Posters 
I bought at NYCC and shared previously. The Spookshow Series has 12 posters - these three 
are my faves because they feature some of the less common yet classic monsters. 
You can see the rest, vamps, werewolf, Frankie, etc. at and buy them there as well. 
Like the Star Wars prints they are excellent quality, with vibrant colors and very reasonably priced.

Paper Monsters of Filmland - Make Halloween Papercraft Figures

Paper Toy is great site for free papercraft figures in general. Here's just a few from the Halloween feature.
Just visit the site for download links and more monsters.

And here are couple other places for free fold-able frights.
Disney's Haunted House Hatbox Ghost is a creepy cool ghoul - download PDF here.

Super Punch featured Christopher Bonette's 2011 Halloween Toy Set & basic Ghost/House extras.

Down load them all here. Where I also found these past offerings from Mr. Bonette

Portrait of Sally - Nightmare Before Christmas Art by Tim Shumate

via Tim Shumate

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Need a Last Minute Voltron Force Halloween Costume? Paper Mask & Iron-on Armor from Nicktoons

Print out a DIY mask and T-shirt iron-on from the new Voltron show @

Chuck is Back! 4 Preview Clips of Season 5 Premiere

Chuck is finally back. Premeire episode of the 5th and final season Friday 10/28.
With Guest Star - Mark Hamill!

More Halloween Glam - Frankenella 2011 by NoFlutter

Dreamworks Puss in Boots - Printable Halloween Masks, Papercraft Figures & Fan

There are tons of printables an papercrafts for the new Puss in Boots movie opening
this week.These are some of the neater items...

Paper Masks - Just in time for Halloween

Cool paper toy figures of the main characters

And a decorative paper fan - could be a useful costume prop 

All available at the Movie's Print and Create page and at the HP site, along with printable bookmarks, coloring pages, and much more. The HP site is more organized by project - and of course it's a
gateway to all the other free printables they offer.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Costumes, Cars, and Props - NYCC 2011 - My Photos

A week and a half later - and here's my New York Comic-Com Photo Gallery. I've learned I need a better camera and to be much quicker on the draw if I want to spend less time cropping a small batch of meh photos. Most of my Cosplay shots were a fail - but I did get American Maid tossing her shoe and my husband posing with a really nice Captain America. And apparently I'm more obsessed with vehicles than I realized, as I ended up with a lot of car photos.