Sunday, July 31, 2011

Batman vs Bane - Actually Battle in Latest Dark Knight Rises Set Photos & Video (update)

See more excellent Bat-fight photos at

UPDATE: Video of same scene via and Subaruwrxfan

Batman, Bane, & Big Brawl - New Photo, Video from Dark Knight Rises Pittsburgh Location

Batman and Bane Together Again! 
@ via Subaruwrxfan's large gallery of photos.

Big Brawl at City Hall via DoctaM3

Harry Potter Saga - As Epic Anime Art Scroll & As Disney Style Animated Characters

By Unknown and Makani

Bride Checks Out the Tumbler Batmobile & Bane Footage from Batman DK Rises Set

More great candid vidoes by Subaruwrxfan of the Batman: Dark Knight Rises location shoot in Pittsburgh.

The Rocketeer by Coran Stone aka Kizer180


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Holy Bat-News! Bat-Signal, Street Tumblers and Bane - The Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh PA welcomed location shooting for Batman: The Dark Knight Rises with a Laser Bat-Signal
and a Press Conference with the Mayor, Nolan and Bale.

Today brought video of a convoy 3 Tumblers rumbling through town...

...and the first clear set photos of Tom Hardy's Bane.
All the Bat-news and a lot more set photos via the excellent

Also more cool shots at the Wick Photography pro photo site.

Harley-Davidson / Captain America Documentary - Features Cap's WLA Liberator

Super mini Documentary about blending authentic Period Harley Motorcycles and the 
Mighty Marvel Style into the outstanding bike designs for The First Avenger.

Wallpapers at Harley-Davidson. Previously - the Red Skulls Coupe.

UD Replicas Captain America & Stormtrooper Leather Costumes - Comic-Con Preview

Impressive detailed Captain America Costume (photos via the RPF).

UD's leather Trooper armor shown with Efx Collectibles replica helmets @ Comic-Con.

These pieces not yet available on the UD Replicas website. But they do have Batman, X-Men, Iron Man
and Tron items ranging from full costumes to inspired style leather jackets available for order.
Previously Sith Jacket.

Tron Uprising Animated Series - Comic-Con Teaser - Concept Art & Preview

Video for Cosmic Motors By Daniel Simon - Lead Vehicle Designer on Captain America: The First Avenger

See Simon's work at and for more film designs including 
Tron Legacy and Tron Uprising.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Thundercats Return! Fan Art Gallery Part 3 - Cheetara

 By Mansarali and Matt Rhodes

 By Saiyagina and Gorrem

 By Dave Rapoza and Saltygirl

Previously Art Gallery - Part 1 and Part 2

Thundercats Return! Fan Art Gallery Part 2 - Lion-O, Panthro, & Tygra

Realistic Lion-O by Dave Rapoza

By Phrozac and Javas

Panthro by Sean Galloway and Andy Park

Tygra by Mansarali and Unknown

Previously - Thundercats Gallery Part 1.

The Thundercats Return! - Fan Art Gallery - Part 1- The Team

By Rocketflash
By Worldsfinest
By Lerms
By Pedro Leonelli

By Kizer180

By DaP

Via DeviantArt and this Thundercats page.

Yoda and Kermit Just Hangin' on Dagobah by Peter de Seve

Chris Evans in Frank Miller's Sin City Styled Videos for Gucci Guilty Parfums

Frank Miller directed these ads for the Gucci Guilty and Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Fragrances. Heavy on the homage to Sin City's Noir visual style and suggestively NSFW they star Chris Evans (Captain America) and Evan Rachel Wood. Each video reveals the same steamy encounter but features His and Hers elements. Behind the scenes clips and 3D version of the For Her clip @ The Gucci Channel.

Teaser for The Avengers Trailer Plus Better Look at New Captain America Costume

This is a teaser promoting the after credits trailer for The Avengers on Captain America.

Here's a shot from the teaser of Steve in the new Cap costume.

Closer look at costume details from the Comic-Con display - see more @ IGN.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wicked Motorcycles Shown @ Comic-Con- Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and MIB 3

The Ghost Rider's new bike from Spirit of Vengeance was on display.

And here's a new shot revealing the Ghost Rider's new look.

Also Men in Black 3 showed off this alien bike ...or maybe it's a bike alien?

There's also a decent look at both of them in this Comicvine video.

Female Heroes Puching Nazis - Good Times.

Birds of Prey Cover by Billy Tucci

Wonder Woman Cover by Adam Hughes

Pon Pon Pon - Psychedelic Kawaii J-Pop Music Video

The song is called Pon Pon Pon, the singer is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and the video 
is really beyond words...a hypnotic visual assault of cute culture imagery.

Two Star Wars Fan Casual Fashion Looks from Comic-Com


AJ's Rebel Pilot Dress and Jennifer Landa in a Star Wars T-Shirt Dress.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Superman Returns Deleted Opening Scene - Reveals Fate of Krypton

This eerie space odyssey opening scene was cut from Bryan Singer's Superman Returns. Included in the extras on the Superman Anthology Blu-ray edition - it has of course found it's way to the web.

Captain America: Fighting Styles - Project: Rooftop Costume Designs

Project: Rooftop showcases Superhero costume re-designs by both new and established artists. They do periodic character challenges - here are few faves from the Captain America challenge last fall. 
See more @ winners and honorable mentions.

 By Drew Green and George Marston

By Lee Chen Fang and Derek Toye

 By Shane McDermott and Julian Godinez