Thursday, July 14, 2011

First Trailer John Carter - Equals John Carter of Mohave

Really, really not impressed. Apparently Mars looks just like the same desert every classic Western was filmed in - only less colorful. This is exactly why I was wary of all the talk of an "authentic" production design. How is this look not derivative? It' not all that far from the current Conan reboot. John Carter is not Conan. And Dejah Thoris covered in a full body tramp stamp!?! Really? It's worse than I expected.

Glimpse, of Tars Tarkas (I assume) and air ships only redeeming quality. See my previous reasons for concern here.
Update: Via io9 - briefly glimpsed Thark is Sola. Tars Tarkas is only heard as disembodied voice at end of trailer.

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