Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Love Letter to The Rocketeer - An Animated Short & Fan Art Gallery

As the Premier of Captain America Approaches
Let's Take a Moment to Remember Joe Johnston's First Team-up with a 1940's Hero.

Last month on June 21st Disney celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Joe Johnston's Film version of The Rocketeer with a special screening in LA -- where many well know Hollywood denizens revealed their hidden admiration for the movie Disney had considered a major flop when released.
My feelings for the Rocketeer have never been a secret - it was love at first site that moment I first saw a drawing of Dave Stevens' Art Deco helmeted Comic Book Hero. And the movie? A perfect homage to
Pulp action, thrilling adventure, 40's romance, and all combined with a real admiration of invention, design
and determination. It was like a dream movie made just for me - an Industrial Design Major and late night classic film buff. The score remains as vivid and iconic to me as Star Wars or Indiana Jones and
the poster has never come down from my wall. But it wasn't just me, my friends loved it to
and we all felt a bit cooler for it. And I guess that's really all those Hollywood fans were saying
after all - that they too loved The Rocketeer before it was cool.

And now for some fun tribute art...
First up the fantastic CG animated Pixar-style Short by John Banana

 Two Posters Disney created for the 20th Anniversary Screening. (I really need that 39 Worlds Fair Poster)

  Some great art work by Daniel Krall and Ming Doyle...

 ...by Joel Priddy and Joel Carroll...

 ...and by RMH and Evan Shaner

Coming Soon! Thrilling Captain America - Rocketeer Mash-Up Art!

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