Tuesday, January 27, 2015

First Teaser Trailer for New Fantastic Four Movie + Screencaps

Not enough to form a real opinion...but the teaser is well crafted - with imagery that is unexpectedly pretty and sleek.

Enhanced screencap look at the 4 Heroes via EW.Com

Images via Collider.com and CosmicBooknews.com
And via - ComicBookMovie.com which has even more screengrabs here.

Official movie site - www.fantasticfourmovie.com

Agent Carter Stan Lee Cameo & Howard Stark Returns Pics

 Behind the scenes photos of Stan Lee's cameo in tonight's episode of Agent Carter...
...which also features the return of Howard Stark.

Images via Agent Carter and Marvel.com

Retro-tastic Pulpy 'Operation Sin' Agent Carter & Howard Stark Comic Series Covers by Hardman, Young, and Komarck

 Issue #1 Gabriel Hardman variant

 Issue #1 Skottie Young variant

Michael Komarck's covers for issues #1, #2, and #3

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Atom, The Arrow, and The Canary by Mike Mahle

 In honor of new episodes of Arrow resuming tonight - some appropriate characters 
from Mike Mahle's fantastic continuing series of Justice League inspired art.

Complete With Boxing Glove Arrow...

Arrow concept artist Andy Poon had fun sneaking the Emerald Archer's iconic trick arrow 
into one of the renderings of Ollie's slightly redesigned Season 3 costume by Maya Mani.

Bonus! R'as al Ghul costume concept art!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Marvel Star Wars #1 Out Today! Covers! Preview Pages!

 2 by John Tyler Christopher

Sara Pichelli

Jaxxon Variant - also by John Tyler Christopher

Paul Renaud

Mark Brooks

Greg Horn

Bob McLeod

Greg Land

Simone Bianchi

 2 by Alex Maleev
Adi Granov

Daniel Acuna

 Alex Ross (exclusive variant available only at AlexRossStore.com)

 Joe Quesada

Here are the latest lettered preview pages...
(Interior art by John Cassady via StarWars.com & Marvel.com)

And some art only preview pages...

Seriously...you had me at multiple preview pages filled with Han Solo!

Bonus Fan Made Cover!

Action Figure homage to the original Marvel Star Wars #1
by Dan Curto of RebelScum.com fame.