Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Avengers - The Teaser for New Super Bowl Trailer!

The Avengers Movie campaign excels at the whole "trailer for the trailer" thing - there really is always something intriguing or new to see in each peek. 

 This is also a good time to catch up with some of the latest promo photos.
Empire Magazine Covers - with more inner page scans here

And new round of promo stills with the focus on Nick Fury via Marvel.com

Well, What Happened Here? Frank Quitely Star Wars Art

Frank Quitely' awesomely detailed mayhem is a contribution to the recent book Star War Art: Comics.
Illustration and an interview are featured in the current (Feb/Mar 2012) Star Wars Insider Magazine # 131.
CBR has an excerpt here.

And here's a cool trailer about the making of the book - which not only features art from the
established Star Wars Comics but commissioned art by top comic artists as well.

Jean-Paul Gaultier's Runway Tribute to Amy Winehouse

The Paris 2012 Couture collection was inspired by the late singer and models were styled in her honor. 
It has caused some controversy with her family and a few Fashionista's - but the pieces are fun and cool so it seems a fitting homage. Photos via 80's Purple - see full collection at Style.com.

Cutest - Gollum - Ever

Lego reveals the Gollum figure from the new LOTR line.

New Photos From Snow White and The Huntsman

Continues to show promise - at least as far as the costumes and visual style go.
Via the movie's Facebook page

Friday, January 27, 2012

Beam Me Up Sephora - Prabal Gurung's New Cast Uniforms

Sephora just revealed the new uniforms Prabal Gurung designed for them.
So, no doofy Polos, no baggy aprons - the kind of apparel that has left most poor retail associates
looking like golf caddies and butchers assistants for the last few decades. Instead there are a few
very fashionable choices offered that then all work together to create a cool Mod Futuristic vibe
for the staff - not unlike a Starship crew. via BellaSugar

Sketch via Stylist.com

Vampire Party - Fang-tacular Audi 2012 Superbowl Ad

Excellent Game Day commercial cashes in on the Vampire trend with a clever funny twist.

A Very Groovy White Queen Redesign by Colin Alexander

Emma Frost by Colin Alexander via Project Rooftop

Catwoman by Sho Murase

The Goblin Wears Prada...and So Does Commissioner Gordon

Prada's Fall 2012 Menswear collection featured some very well know gentlemen in some very stylish long coats. Willem Dafoe, Gary Oldman and Adrien Brody seriously got the best ensembles. Tim Roth, Emile Hirsch, and Jamie Bell also walked the runway - you can catch them in the video. Love the mixed age range of the men modeling as well - a very attractive show all around. Via Style Blog and Style.com

Thursday, January 26, 2012

All Your Apes Are Belong to Us - Mondo POTA Saga Posters

By Martin Ansin
By Ken Taylor
By Rich Kelly
By Phantom City Creative
By Florian Bertmer
By Jason Edmiston

Another amazing offering from Mondo. Follow here for info on the latest releases.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wonder Woman Wonderbomb Pin-Up by Tim Shumate

WONDERBOMB by Tim Shumate. Print available @Society6

Captain America & Bucky #626 - Francesco Francavilla Art

Preview art above via Francesco Francavilla, bottom pages with text via Newsarama.

Story by Brubaker & Asmus - Cap & Bucky #626 is out today!

Augmented Reality ThunderCats Toy Packaging Demo

Bandai just revealed this new ThunderCats and Ben 10 packaging at the UK Toy Fair. 
An animated virtual reality 3D version of the figure springs into action when the back of package
is viewed with a smartphone or ipad. Via Super Punch.

"Archetype" An Intriguing Robot Sci-fi Short by Aaron Sims

Zero budget  = 100% awesome! 
More on the project @ the Archetype site and Aaron Sims Company.

Falcon Girl - Princess Leia/Tank Girl Mash-Up - James Hance

Another sweet mash-up from James Hance. Prints here.Or on a T-Shirt here.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Gorgeously Romantic Gothic Baroque - Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

  Via Glamour and Style.com

Star Wars Uncut: Director's Cut - Behold The Awesome Power of Fan Creativity

While we all spend a lot of time as Star Wars fans debating the technical merit/emotional effect of George Lucas's various revisions to his work, we often forget the essential sense of fun and joy the first film originally evoked. This ambitious project really gets back to that essence, celebrating how Star Wars has sparked the imagination and creativity of generations of fans. Casey Pugh basically invited anyone to re-create a 15 minute segment of the original film however they wanted to - ranging from kid's dressing up (or adults - usually in bathrobes), to animated action figures, parodies and more arty animations - and then took on the task of assembling them into this masterpiece of awesome. Funny, sweet, often weird, and oddly charming - if nothing else a tribute to how it's now impossible to look at a canister vac without seeing a droid. You can watch the entire movie above or here and visit  the film's site to see specific clips, alternate submissions and project details.Via Laughing Squid

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi - Dark Horse Comic Preview

Alternate covers and 3 page preview (via Newsarama) of the new Dark Horse Star Wars Expanded Universe Comic debuting in February. The five issue series from one of my favorite writer/artist teams John Ostrander & Jan Duursema takes the story a long time ago all the way back to the creation of the Jedi Order on the planet Tython. And while not being promoted as a direct tie-in, players of the new MMO game SW: The Old Republic should find this very interesting background material.