Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Bark Side" Dogs Sing Imperial March, Yoda's Phone Help & Darth Maul Gets Brisk - This Week in Star Wars Ads

With the huge viral and critical success of the Vader Kid Superbowl Ad last year VW sticks with the Star Wars theme - literally - offering a teaser of "singing" dogs barking out the Imperial March.

Meanwhile Yoda, needing a break from of Ramen Noodle dinners, visits a Sushi Bar and offers his
Jedi phone skilz to a British couple for Vodafone.

And finally Big Head Yoda vs Darth Maul for Brisk. This has actually been out week or so,
but expect to see it more as The Phantom Menace 3D re-release approaches on Feb 10th.

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