Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Evil Look For Less - Disney Fall Beauty - Part 2

Another new Disney Fairy Tale inspired Make-Up Collection lines available this Fall.

And  for those who identify with the Dark Side of Disney - the glamorous Villains, 
 Walgreens is featuring 3 limited edition pallets from Elf and faux nails from ImPress.
Inspired by the Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Cruella.

Eye looks based on these characters are super popular now and show up on both beauty and pop culture blogs daily. MAC actually had a Disney Villains Collection several seasons ago, and there are currently some beauty items @The Disney Store that tie-in with the new Villains Fashion Doll line. 
But the great thing about the Elf pallets is the the $9.99 price point - that's Villainy on a budget! 

And the companion ImPress nails also have some fun FX looks as well as vampy basics.

Part 1 - Sephora's Cinderella Collection here.

Desperately Seeking Cinderella - Disney Fall Beauty - Part 1

One of two new Disney Fairy Tale inspired Make-Up Collection lines available this October.

First - For those who identify with Disney Princesses there's Sephora's Cinderella Collection.

The line's teaser is totally 80's awesome - it's like Madonna stumbled into a Bonnie Tyler video.

The style photos keep some of the retro edge while the product packaging is more a luxe glam take 
on the classic Disney imagery. I'm particularity fond of the clockwork compact mirror. 
Cinderalla is just the first look in the Reigning Beauties series of Disney Princess inspired lines.

"Reigning Beauties is a series of limited-edition beauty collections steeped in fantasy, featuring Disney's most iconic and popular Princesses re-imagined by Disney artists and Sephora" -

Part 2 - The Evil Look For Less - here.

Magic Meets The Mundane - "Once Upon A Time" Cast Photos

Magic invades the mundane world when Season 2 of Once Upon A Time begins tonight, and the
characters remember their true Fairy Tale identities - as this really great set of cast photos perfectly reflect.

Photos via Cinema Blend.
Bonus: Why Fairy Tales Matter DVD Extra

Friday, September 28, 2012

FRINGE - The Begining of the End Starts Tonight!

The 5th and final season of FRINGE starts tonight. I'm going to miss this show terribly - with it's
combination of Weird Science and alternate time lines (my personal favorite Sci-Fi themes) I often
felt like they were making the show just for me. And then, wrapping it all up with a Dystopian future
under the rule of Observer overlords - that's just icing on a cake of awesome.
So here are some of the neater promos for what promises to be a wild final season.

Jane Eyre Meets The Hunger Games - Smythe Fall Jacket Ads

Style videos for the Smythe Fall 2012 Jacket Collection are fierce and enigmatic with a Neo-Victorian edge. 
A really cool campaign, with a highly cinematic feel that hints at a larger story.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Groovy Mistaken Identity James Bond "Skyfall" & Heineken Ad

Fun mistaken identity scenario features a cool array of classic 007 elements, a mix of retro 
and modern imagery, groovy music, and the real Bond - Daniel Craig.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

David Lynch Daydream - Lana Del Rey + H&M - Blue Velvet Ad

Lana Del Rey teams with H&M for their Fall 2012 fashion ad campaign/music video.
A bit more Twin Peaks than Blue Velvet with a creepy vibe more like Kubrick's Shining.

Ant-Man Test Footage Via Animated Eye-Witness Story Board

Artist SamuraiJack witnessed the super secret Ant-Man Movie test footage
 at SDCC 2012 - and then re-created it from memory as an animated storyboard. 
It's a great idea - like a way cooler version of courtroom sketches. via /Film.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

RoboCop Refreshment - Doyle, Hartter, Hipp, Rubio, & More

Since last weeks reveal of the new RoboCop movie suit was a major letdown...
...I thought it would be refreshing to get together some cool tribute art to the original Murphy.

And lastly this very funny commentary on the new suit...

"RoboCop Begins"..." by Bobby Rubio