Sunday, September 30, 2012

Desperately Seeking Cinderella - Disney Fall Beauty - Part 1

One of two new Disney Fairy Tale inspired Make-Up Collection lines available this October.

First - For those who identify with Disney Princesses there's Sephora's Cinderella Collection.

The line's teaser is totally 80's awesome - it's like Madonna stumbled into a Bonnie Tyler video.

The style photos keep some of the retro edge while the product packaging is more a luxe glam take 
on the classic Disney imagery. I'm particularity fond of the clockwork compact mirror. 
Cinderalla is just the first look in the Reigning Beauties series of Disney Princess inspired lines.

"Reigning Beauties is a series of limited-edition beauty collections steeped in fantasy, featuring Disney's most iconic and popular Princesses re-imagined by Disney artists and Sephora" -

Part 2 - The Evil Look For Less - here.

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