Monday, January 23, 2012

Star Wars Uncut: Director's Cut - Behold The Awesome Power of Fan Creativity

While we all spend a lot of time as Star Wars fans debating the technical merit/emotional effect of George Lucas's various revisions to his work, we often forget the essential sense of fun and joy the first film originally evoked. This ambitious project really gets back to that essence, celebrating how Star Wars has sparked the imagination and creativity of generations of fans. Casey Pugh basically invited anyone to re-create a 15 minute segment of the original film however they wanted to - ranging from kid's dressing up (or adults - usually in bathrobes), to animated action figures, parodies and more arty animations - and then took on the task of assembling them into this masterpiece of awesome. Funny, sweet, often weird, and oddly charming - if nothing else a tribute to how it's now impossible to look at a canister vac without seeing a droid. You can watch the entire movie above or here and visit  the film's site to see specific clips, alternate submissions and project details.Via Laughing Squid

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