Friday, August 24, 2012

Still in Love With The Red Skull's Car (Schmidt Hydra Coupé)

Ace Vehicle Designer Daniel Simon just released a gorgeous little showcase clip for my favorite
movie car of all time - The Schmidt Hydra Coupé from Captain America: The First Avenger.
This time he's rendered his creation (and my obsession) in shiny villainous Red Skull red.
The clip showcases interior and exterior details - all set to Alan Silvestri's dramatic score.

(Bonus - a new wallpaper via Daniel Simon's FB page)

And because I 'm so are images of  the original black Coupe via Daniel

As well as some addition concept art that was part of the Marvel Auction earlier this year

In addition to the portfolio site and blog I linked to above Daniel Simon also shares his work on Facebook
@Daniel Simon and @Cosmic Motors. He's a must follow if you dig concept vehicles as much as I do.
He also shares a lot of his work from Tron Legacy & Tron Uprising as well, and I'm really
looking forward to catching a glimpse of his current work on Oblivion

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