Saturday, April 7, 2012

Your Shiny New Hulk - Is Actually Kinda Retro!

I'm really digging the new movie Hulk 3.0's references to the classic Incredible Hulk TV series.
Casting Mark Ruffalo as a messy haired, open collared, casual jacket wearing Bruce Banner is a clear homage to Bill Bixby's groovy 70's "David" Banner. It's also very cool (as well as more realistic) that
the GC Hulk is actually designed to reflect an exaggerated version of the actor. And again similar to the
TV series where Lou Ferrigno and Bixby were cast for their essentially similar looks - making the
Hulk's low tech make-up and practical transformation effects more believable.

And the purple shirt...OMG, I love the purple shirt!

Here's the new awesome semi spoilery TV spot (that I've only glanced at with the sound off).

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