Monday, April 16, 2012

Extra! New Frontiersman & Other Before Watchmen Headlines

The New Frontiersman Before Watchmen viral launched over the weekend. 
As a real handout @C2E2 (above) and as an online page with "hidden" links to an art previews,
as well as DC's various social media venues. CBR has a great rundown on the Watchmen
panel presentation from C2E2 here.

Here's the art and image revealed so far through the Frontiersman links.

DC also revealed more gorgeous cover art by Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Connor this past week.

And the first round of statues were also on display @ C2E2. Images via CTR.

They all look great but I'm biased towards Rorschach because - well he's Rorschach - but also 
because he has a great dynamic sculpt by Jean St. Jean - who just plain rocks.

So, while initially wary of the whole Watchmen Prequel concept, I'm finding the artwork really
appealing (unlike a lot of last years New 52) and now I'm officially intrigued.

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