Friday, February 10, 2012

Star Wars Style - Casual Cool Leia, Retro SW Comic Pumps, R2 Tutu, and Formal Vader

This week Ace Cosplay Artist Scruffy Rebel shared the casual fangirl outfit she wore to see EP I-3D. 
She had the Corellian Blood Stripe leggings cutom made - but they really need to be a real thing.
Previously Scruffy Rebel's Tron Dress and SDCC spotlight.

And Club Jade shared these DIY Star Wars Marvel Comic covered pumps by BanaeQuee.
She describes her process here. I might try this on flats if I can bring myself to cut up comics.

And lastly R2-Tutu and Formal Vader. They've been making appearances around the web for
sometime - but both are two more great examples of unique Star Wars style.

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