Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Star Wars in Cool Cars - Yoda in a Toyota, Trooper in a Mini Cooper, Fett in a Vette & More by Harshness

This awesome Car Wars Series is just a small selection of the cool geek poster 
art available from Harshness on Etsy.


  1. I wish Padme Admedala was driving one of those. Hehe. She's my favorite Star Wars character. Anyway, the thought of Yoda driving a Toyota car is funny and cute at the same time. =)

    - Laurence Modithre

  2. Fette in Vette is my favorite! Its kind a cool, dude! The Corvette great looks suits well with Boba Fette character. Haha. The exterior design of Corvette stood alone in line with car history.

    Vannessa Gabbett

  3. Haha! I must agree with Laurence – Yoda looks good in that Toyota car! ^-^ And Darth Vader's menacing as ever with the Escalade. And I could hardly imagine if he's the one in the convertible Beetle instead of Chewbacca!

    Mae Weitz