Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Amazing Spider-Man (3D) Trailer...Is Pretty Amazing

I was lucky enough to see this trailer and the bonus footage at the Untold Story Sneak Peek Event in New York yesterday. Yep, the one with the live appearance by Andrew Garfeild. Garfield was humble and earnest in discussing the great responsibility to fans of being the new Spidey, and the bonus footage (a lot of which expanded on scenes in the trailer) looked great even if some of it was partially unfinished. Most importantly, at least for me, it featured much more humor and it was very satisfying to finally see some classic taunting banter from Spidey. It was crowd pleasing event and I overheard a lot of real excitement from the fans attending. There's a good description of the event @ MTV which hosted the NYC portion. Geek Tyrant has a round-up of several footage descriptions here, and below are a few cool trailer screen caps via SuperHeroHype which has a big gallery.

Update - Movie Viral found the link markofthespider-man.com hidden somewhere in the trailer's webbing graphics - it leads to a viral site witch mostly features 6 small screens of static...for now.

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