Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hrm...DC Announces WATCHMEN Prequel Comics

The cat has been out of the bag about this for awhile, but today DC made the Before Watchmen 
prequel comics official. I'm not sure this is a wise move by DC - it's certainly unnecessary, and not anything fans were clamoring for. I understand Watchmen has been a huge boon to them over the 
years - the movie, flawed as it was, brought new readers to comics and I'm sure the hope is that this "event" will do the same. Still they have put some of the best writers and artists on these books - so I wouldn't be surprised if there are actually a few gems here. 

The difficulty with most prequel material in general is that it often answers too many questions, undermining the very mystique that made the original movie, comic, novel, etc. so intriguing. 
And yes - I'm looking at you Star Wars.

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