Monday, October 3, 2011

The Three Musketeers - Now With Swash-punk? or Steam-buckling? Action!

OK, letting go of any expectation of a faithful literary adaptation and also remembering it's from the Resident Evil Guy - if this movie actually delivers on the action packed, Steampunk air-ship battling, bullet-time swordplay filled, campy ham acting epic the trailers could just end up
being a crazy-fun guilty pleasure. Here are couple of short featurette clips... 

...a swordplay filled TV spot...

..and some behind the scenes B Roll footage via Trailer Addict
Where they have 4 more B Roll clips, cast interview clips and, well...more trailers

And just track down the 70's Thee Musketeers film and it's sequel The Four Musketeers if you really want to see movies that not only stay quite true to the book but are just grand fun and highly entertaining.

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