Tuesday, June 5, 2012

John Carter Movie Concept Art - DVD/Blu-Ray Release Today

John Carter now on DVD/Blu-Ray. 
So enjoy a gallery of some great concept art for the film.

Various Dejah Thoris concepts from the Art of John Carter Book

Thark & Woola by Michael Kutsche

Airhips & Vehicles by Ryan Church

Despite some really harsh "fan rage" on my part when viewing the preview footage and images, I actually ended up liking John Carter. It's often frustratingly flawed - but it is a good humored fantasy adventure, with some real iconic Pulp moments, featuring two very appealing leads, cool looking "Green Martian Aliens", and some really fantastic looking battle airships. I'm still not a fan of the "realistic" visual style choices that often leave the movie feeling too Earthbound or worse too Star Warsy.
It's really sad and very surprising it did as badly as it did in theaters (even with Disney's odd mismanagement), hopefully it will see a new life in Home Entertainment.

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