Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tron: Uprising - Preview & Concept Art & Paper Lightcycles

The new Tron: Uprising animated series premieres on Disney XD tonight.
I watched the free prologue episode Beck's Beginning and I loved it - everything from
the stellar voice cast and fantastic art style to the "Rebels vs Empire" storyline
appealed to me - and I'm really looking forward to the series.
You can view the prologue episode here. And here's some more cool stuff...
 ...a recent promo with lots of Lightcycle action, concept art, and some fun with DIY paper Lightcycles.

Concepts, production art, and character models and via Cartoon Brew.

Super simple papercraft Lightcycles to download @ Desktop Gremlins

Or Disney has some more complex papercraft vehicles based on  
Tron: Legacy available for download  here

There's a great article on the project and it's design development @Animation Magazine
which also had these nice  Beck's Beginning screen shots.

And Quorra will appear in a July episode.

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