Sunday, May 13, 2012

Paper Avengers Assemble! - 3 Styles of DIY Paper Toy Figures

These 3 fantastic paper toy artists have all wrapped up their Avengers Sets so here we go...

Set 1 - from My Paper Heroes

I posted a selection of Xavier Gale-Sides terrific X-Men figures last year. I really love these because they are more like paper action figures - a bit more complicated than usual cube-style figs but still iconic. They have great little extra details like the accessories and alternate heads. Download all the PDF's here.

Set 2 - from Paper Toy Adventures

This set starts with more simple figures but again adds great accessory details and
Thor gets a helmet option here too! Download all the PDF's here.

Set 3 - from Mini Papercraft

This set by Gus Santome is just adorable, and it features Loki - who gets the optional helmet this time!
 I shared the Iron Man previously - downloads on the site for the whole set.

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