Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Earth's Mightiest Style Icons! - Avengers Inspired Style Boards

This first set of Avengers Inspired Outfit Style-Outs comes from Looking MARVELous.

These current versions generally reflect a more spring/summer vibe. But there are several previous takes on these iconic heroes and tons of other Mighty Marvel looks on the site and it's Polvore.

Plus super bonus points for The Vision & Ant-Man!

This second set comes from Character Inspired Fashion.
 This Blog & Polyvore features fashion inspirations from all kinds of fan faves like Potter, LOTR, & Anime.
And there's a companion site for Guys Fashions

 There are some really nice edgy choices here for Thor, Loki and Hawkeye. 
Bonus points this time for casual Steve & Bruce looks!

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  1. where would i find the leather vest for the hawkeye costume?