Monday, May 14, 2012

The Lizard Needs Interns & Web-Shooter Designs - Amazing Spider-Man Movie Viral Catch-Up

So, there's been a lot going on in the Spidey Viral-verse while I was distracted by The Avengers
Movie has great hub with all the viral links.
But, here's my quick catch-up.
Oscorp Industries (apparently not wanting to be overshadowed by rival Evil Science Mega Corp
Wayland Industries and their creepy Android) launches it's own website focused on touting it's
Advanced Reptilian Mutagen Research, and recruiting Interns.

Mutagen clip is a cool mini featurette on Dr Conners/The Lizard

Meanwhile - Director Marc Web joined Twitter and promptly shared these two images.

Previously in the Spidey-verse - some cool Spidey-Tech plans, renderings, and photos surfaced. 
See more web-shooter viral details and images @ SuperHeroHype

Next - TV Spot/Teaser for 4 minutes of footage to air during America's Got Talent

Stay Tuned...

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