Thursday, March 8, 2012

John Carter - Film Clip & Featurette Festival

Here are a Thoat-load of preview clips and featurettes for John Carter - Opening Tomorrow March 9th.

Three Featurettes ...

...and Three Scene Clips...

While I'm still deeply disappointed by the color drained and less than fantastical visual designs revealed so far, I will be seeing the movie and giving it a chance. I  was surprised  to find myself enjoying the attitude of the recent 10 minute clip setting up John Carter on Earth - shared previously here. Although, it concerns me a bit that I may enjoy the Earth part better than the Mars part...and that I may find myself wishing that Carter continued his adventures with that Custer-looking fellow. In any case, I'm hoping it will deliver some Pulp inspired fun even if won't be the John Carter of Mars I might have imagined.

... and Oh, The Woola Clip.

Just for the record I really dislike Woola's Disney make-over. The So-Ugly-He's-Cute-ification is just too obvious and probably the biggest example of how they played it safe with their design choices. Woola's charm was derived from the contradictions in his description - a beast of  ferocious, monstrous, and vaguely reptilian appearance but with the playful manner and loyal disposition of beloved dog.

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