Friday, March 30, 2012

Alcatraz - Making of the "Bullitt" Homage Finale Car Chase

Neat behind the scenes feature on the Alcatraz Season Finale car chase that payed 
homage to the iconic Steve McQueen film Bullitt and featured the new 2013 Mustang.

...and here's a bit of the chase scene from the show.

I hope this show returns, it's probably the quirkiest entry into the already weird JJ Abrams Universe. 
It has a great nostalgic Retro feel - beyond the square haircuts of the time jumping 63's - that reminds me of the 70's cop shows I grew up with, weekly bad guys, foot chases, a cool car, and iconoclastic partners.
 Doc Soto & Madsen are like the Starsky & Hutch of today. 

Rebecca's Classic1968 GT390

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