Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Retro Apes, Most Beautiful Ape & Tiny Puppet Apes Herald Rise of the Planet of the Apes DVD Release

Adult Swim presened its own unique ad for the DVD/Blu-Ray release today 12/13/11.

The next time someone in Hollywood gets the bright idea to reboot, remake or re-watever a popular franchise they better look at this movie for how to do it right. This went from "OMG - Why did they make another Apes movie?!?" to "OMG - You have to see it!!!". Combining the perfect mix of fresh ideas, clever homage,  top notch FX, and real heart - it was probably the best movie this summer.

Artist Anthony Lister was commissioned to create this cool wall mural in LA to mark the DVD release.

And just for fun - some photos from behind the scenes during filming of the Original movies (back in the day - before motion capture) as well as the Most Beautiful Ape Contest Promotion.

Original POTA series photos & contest via The Retronaut.

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