Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Welcome to The Old Republic! - SWTOR Launch Day Fun

Bioware's highly anticipated MMORPG Star Wars:The Old Republic finally launched at midnight today. Here's some fan Cosplay and Figure art as well as cool stuff from the game to celebrate!

First up all the Epic Cinematics together in correct story order.

SWTOR Cosplay based on cinematics - more photos here.

Incredibly detailed custom Darth Malgus action figure by SithFire30.
More Malgus photos and other awesome customs here.

 Learn the History of the Old Republic - All the Timelines Data Entries are in a playlist here.
A cool mini series of motion graphic clips using info from the previous KOTOR games and comics.
Bonus - all narrated by Lance Henrikson! This is the entry on The Exar Kun War.

And some character art from The Dark Horse Tie-in Comics - more sketches here.

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