Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"Hanna" Is A Super Soldier Fairytale - Mini Review with Movie Trailers & Featurette

Hanna comes out on DVD/Blu-ray this week. I highly recommend seeing it. I got to see it theatrically and its a really unique fun film - a stylish and clever blend of modern fairytale and Jason Bourne-style action suspense. It combines beautiful and often eerie cinematography, kick-ass fighting, and identity revelations into an arty satisfying thriller .

The revamped fairytale is a very big trend now. Spurred originally by the success of  Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and bolstered by Tangled and Wicked. But what's really cool about Hanna is that it's full of the universal fairytale themes and imagery without being tied to one story.  The elements are all there...but flipped and combined in way that tells Hanna's own very modern tale.

Check out 2 Hanna Theatrical Film Trailers and a Featurette.

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