Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Dark Crystal Fashion Collection

Discovered this while looking for Jim Henson clips today...and how did I not know about this!?!?
Anyway - it's a neat clip and the idea was way ahead of it's time -- considering the many current licensed tie-in fashion and accessory lines that pop up now for properties like Twilight, Vampire Diaries, etc.

Description via the Henson Company...
"In correlation with the release of The Dark Crystal a clothing collection was made. Several of the artists involved in the fabrication of the film's puppets and costumes went on to collaborate on a collection of garments inspired by the film."

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  1. I found the beautiful lace evening dress with chiffon overdres in the video at an estate sale of a former Henson costumer. I am selling it on eBay, auction number 380620630734, ends April 20, 2013