Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tempting Toys & Collectible Favorites from NYCC 2013

NYCC always offers a great chance to see the toys and figures I've been viewing 
online up-close, in person, and in all their tempting glory.

The Mara Jade Bishoujo figure from Kotobukiya is an absolute must have.

And actually seeing the amazing detail and substantial scale of  the Square Enix Play Arts KAI figures suddenly made their high price points more understandable - and now I think I really need the Wonder Woman least...

The new Play Arts Star Trek figures look great.
(Even with my attempt at Instagram lens flare)

And here are the promo photos of the new Aliens figures - since my own photos all ended 
up a muddled glare fest - they were even more spectacular in person.

The new Medicom RAH DC Figures at the Diamond Select booth looked beautiful.

Especially love, LOVE, the classic look Harley figure.

Sadly we weren't able to make the Diamond Select Collectibles Panel which included the reveal 
of this fantastic Batman '66 bust by our friend (and Master Sculptor) Jean St Jean
He's creating the companion Robin '66 bust as well - and will also be working on a new Sin City line.

Over at Mattel - the Batman '66 Batmobile looks as Retro-tastic as the real thing...

...and the Classic Movie 80's Superman and 90's Burton Batman figures were just outstanding.

Yes Anime had a big display of  Super Alloy Figures -  with super impressive Justice League figures... well as a huge array of  equally impressive Iron Man figs.

My favorite prop replica this year - the Green Arrow "Injustice" Bow & Arrow Arsenal Display
from game weapon prop replica makers Project TriForce.

With eFX Inc's beautiful gleaming Thor helm coming in a close 2nd.


  1. What company made the 80's Superman and Burton Batman figs?

    1. Those were also made by Mattel. And they were the smaller scale - approx 4" - figure size.