Wednesday, October 23, 2013

NYCC 2013 - Art Acquisitions from Artist Alley and Beyond

Artist Alley at well...just the best. Wall to wall talent and a chance to meet(and buy art from)
the awesome comic artists, and fantastic illustrators who's work I follow virtually throughout the year.
It also seemed like even more great artists and creative vendors were spread
throughout the entire Con floor this year which was really great to see!

So, here's what came home...

I picked 'The 80's X-Men' as what I've decided to call my Traditional Annual Cliff Chiang print.
And my husband Jody, and I also always make sure we get a piece of
Captain America art - this year it's was a great new piece by Jimmy Cheung.

Cliff Chiang

Jimmy Cheung

I loved Chrissie Zullo's Death Print the moment she shared it on FB - so it was a must have.
And while I was a little fangirly gushy when I got a sketchbook from Adam Hughes - Jody was much cooler
when he got his iconic Green Lantern/Green Arrow print from Neal Adams.

Neal Adams

The biggest highlight had to be meeting Des Taylor...who's work we both adore. His fabulous blend of 40's Retro animation style and pin-up glamor with a modern twist is so unique and original. And as an lover of all things from the Pulp Deco Era his work really resonates with me. He was as warm, wonderful, and as cool as his art, and we had the best time chatting with him. I wasn't easy narrowing it down to the three prints we got...and was a fantastic surprise when Des threw in a bonus Supergirl sketch!

Be sure to follow Des Taylor on Facebook for his newest art
and check out his groovy motion comic 'The Trouble With Katie Rogers' on Madefire.

It was also awesome meeting another of my favorite artists Josh - aka ModHero. I have some of his work via Society6 (his stuff looks FAB on their pillows BTW) but the glossy prints he brought to NYCC really showcased his vibrant color work - had to to have the Hawkman & Hawkgirl prints.

This year's new and unexpected find - Star Wars/WWII  mash-ups prints by  
Billy Ludwig (Impale Design @ Thirteenth Floor) over in The Block. I always dig these type of
alt history photos when they make the rounds online - at last I have some for the living room wall!

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