Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NY Toy Fair 2013 - Superhero Action Figures Favorites

Coolest figures of the show!
Square Enix Play Arts DC Anime Style and Batman Movie Figures.
Images via MTV Geek & Comics Vine 

  NECA's 1/4 scale 60's TV Series and 80's Tim Burton Batman figures, plus
their Avengers Iron Man & Captain America look very impressive.
Show floor photos via Cool Toy Review

All the Retro Batman stuff looks great and it's super cool to see the
revived appreciation for Adam West's campy classic Bats.

Mattel's 60's TV Batman figure line & Retro Bat-Barbies
More Toy Fair booth photos @ Cool Toy Reveiew

Classic and Modern Styled Hawkeye

There can never be too many Hawkeye figures.

Guardians of The Galaxy's Rocket Raccoon looks totally badass.
(RR booth photo via MTV Geek - which has excellent photo galleries and booth videos)

Classic Iron Man and Movie Version Iron Patriot

 Thor : The Dark World - Loki & Dark Elven Warrior Movie figures

Promo photos via
More Hasbro/Marvel Legends figure photo galleries @Cool Toy Review

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