Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fun With Star Wars and Star Trek and J.J. Abrams!

A few favorite images regarding recent events.

So the epic mash-up "fan art" poster that was everywhere right after the Star Trek: Into Darkness
poster was revealed back in December - way before the BIG NEWS - has turned out to be quite prophetic.
But what intrigues me is I've yet to see an artists credit given for this poster - which makes me wonder
if it was actually cooked up by some studio insider in the know?

Here's a cool set of new fan made posters along the same theme by Josh Lange

This is another mash-up image I liked from the EW.com tributes.

Not the Bad Robot you're looking for...

J.J. Abrams Styled The Empire Strikes Back Trailer.

The lens flare is actually pretty restrained in this.

And a couple more neat fan posters that have popped up for Episode VII

By Lyndon Berresford

By jphomeentertainment

And a neat Super 8 poster art remix.

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