Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012 - A Quick Take

A few quick shots from NYCC this past weekend - with more Cosplay and Collectible photos to come!

It was another awesome show, with an even bigger crowd than last year - and last year featured an 
Avengers pre-release panel with half the cast! So, it's pretty clear that after this years Summer of 
Superhero Movies pretty much everyone is into comics now and thay all decided to go to the Con.

My fave area - The Artist Alley - really rocked this year. A better floor plan meant that not only was the
Ally filled with talented artists (including many creators whose art I've shared here on F&A), but it was
also constantly busy with tons of fans discovering how affordable it is to get a signed print or small
original piece from their favorite artist. There was also an array of cool and fringe stuff to be found in
the main hall from a wide variety of  indie publishers, media creators, and toy/merch designers.

The "Big 2" really showcased their comic talent teams, as well as their respective upcoming video games, instead their next big films. Yet, I was still kind of surprised there weren't at least the costumes on display
for Man of Steel or Iron Man 3. Marvel of course more than made up for the lack of any IM 3 presence by announcing Agent Coulson Lives Again - and Clark Gregg will be reprising his beloved role in the upcoming  S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series. Look for more NYCC related stuff here and on the Facebook page all week.

See more photos in the F&A Facebook NYCC 2012 Album

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