Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Wookiee Life Day! - A Celebration in Art and Song

Wookiee Life Day is the ersatz Thanksgiving/Christmas Celebration featured in the notorious Star Wars Holiday Special that aired once on November 17th,1978. The special was totally bizarre in a Sid & Marty Krofft meets Star Wars kind of way - complete with musical numbers, Chewie's full Wookiee family, and guest stars Bee Arthur & Art Carney, as well as the original cast - it never aired again. But the damage was done - millions of  fans desperate for anything Star Wars had seen it and this epic oddity was forever burned into our memories. So on this day many celebrate peace and family...but mostly it's an excuse to post pictures of Chewbacca and all things Wookiee, as well as wince at Princess Leia's singing.

So... here are some lovely paintings given to characters participating in Life Day Festivities in the
Star Wars Galaxies MMORG (which is sadly closing down in December).

....and here are couple of  cool Chewbacca portraits

Greg Peltz
...and Chewie gets help picking out the right blow dryer in a new Currys PCWorld (UK) Holiday Ad.

...and here's an alternative way to celebrate Life Day.

Urban Legend tells us that George Lucas tried to obtain and destroy all copies of  "The Special". But it managed to survive in poor quality bootleg form, becoming a Sci-Fi Convention staple, until it eventually found it's forever home - the internet.

Where we can join Princess Leia in singing the Life Day Song!

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