Friday, September 19, 2014

GOTHAM Pilot Early Fan Screening in NYC - Mon 9/15/2014

Managed to catch the fan screening of the GOTHAM pilot in NYC on Monday. 
And it was a close call - the auditorium at the NY Public Library was small, 
and the line was long - but we made the cut.

The New York Public Library's cool Gotham PD make over for the Premiere...
...complete with two vintage style GCPD Cars.

An Official Premiere with the full cast was also took place that evening - there were celebrity/press tents set up at the other end of the Library. But stars Ben McKenzie (Jim Gordon) and Donal Logue (Harvey Bullock) were nice enough to stick around - making a surprise appearance to introduce our viewing, give their real appreciation for fan support and enthusiasm, and thanked us all for waiting so patiently in line! They also spoke about how serious the cast and crew are about making a great show and that treat every episode more like they are making a movie.
And then it was time to roll the show!

Some of my favorite Bat-tales come from Elseworlds Comics, so I eagerly embrace alternate takes on The Batman. 
I was intrigued by the 'before-the-Batman' concept of GOTHAM - but still a bit skeptical about whether it would actually work as a TV I was excited to get an early peek.

The Pilot episode was excellent and I was impressed with the inventiveness it brings to the Batman Mythos. McKenzie and Logue have a terrific chemistry as Gordon and Bullock – and I really liked the way it dove right into the story, avoided too much exposition, and focused on character. The visual style was superb - taking elements of the dark realism of Nolan's Batman and blending in just enough nods to the Gothic Fairy Tale style of Burton's Batman – essentially reflecting the series concept - exploring that moment when the long standing traditional corruption of Gotham started tipping towards the more colorful, chaotic, and unbalanced underworld of Batman's infamous Rogues Gallery. 

And of course there were so many hints of things to come...I will definitely be watching!

A few more shots of the 'Gotham' atmosphere/staging.

A snack sized popcorn and a bottle of souvenir GOTHAM water accompanied the screening.
Which is really funny when you recall how often Bat-Villains have threatened the city water supply.

Here are a couple of official photos of the NY Library setting via the GOTHAM FB page

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  1. It's great to hear the show was good. I saw a commercial for it and I knew I'd be interested in it right off the bat, pardon the pun. I'm a big fan of the movies and the animated series', so I can really dig a live action series.