Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fringe Farewell

Joshua Budich

Mark Englert - EP 303 "The Plateau"

Dave Quiggle - EP 206 "Earthling"

Ghoulish Gary Pullin - EP 113 "The Transformation"

Graham Erwin - EP109 "The Dreamscape"

Anthony Petrie - EP 218 "White Tulip"

FRINGE came to the happy but bittersweet ending I expected. And while the finale story arc often felt rushed due the short 13 episode season - and I wished for one last twist with William Bell - it was a satisfying end.

Its alternate universes, mad science, creepy bald dudes, and blimps will be missed.

See close-ups of the Alternate Universe DC Comic Covers at this site

All art posters via the Fringe Benefits Project

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