Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The New TMNT Cartoon - Opening Theme Song, Clips, Promo

The newest iteration of  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is coming this fall. The CG animated
series is set to debut September 29th on Nickelodeon - so the promos and clips are rolling out.
(So - a lot of these got pulled - I'm looking for some more official clips...stay tuned!)

New TMNT Theme Song...

...Preview Clips...

...and Promo Trailer


  1. I'm in favor of any theme song that includes verses about the Turtles individual traits, something that was severely lacking in the 2003 Cartoon (though they did rectify that in later seasons).

    I like the subtle differences in appearance, Nerdy Don has a funny tooth gap while tough guy Raph has a crack in his shell. Its not much, but its useful for someone like me who didn't grow up with the Turtles originally.

    April seems to have been cast as a teenager as well. I predict she'll be something of a tomboyish skateboarder in this incarnation.

    The art style is interesting. 3D Animation with flashbacks in graphicly stylized 2D art, similar to an older school of comic book drawings. It reminds me a lot of the styles used in "Kung Fu Panda".

    The use of onomatopoeia during certain scenes suggests that the producers are shooting for a very fun, kid friendly type show, with its roots centered in the 1980s series. Its hard to tell from this promotion material if this incarnation will have any staying power though.

    1. Erik - Thanks so much for your comment - great points! I really feel like I still need to see more - so decided not venture my own opinion in the post. But, I will say the art style is really growing on me though - and those little character difference details you also noted are a big reason. Thanks again for your observations.